Established in 1984, Iannelli's Truck and Tractor Parts is a family owned business. Owners Joe and Maria have spent many years proudly building their business from the ground up, based on listening to their customers' needs and supplying as requested.

Services Cars Trucks and Tractors, stocking automotive parts, ball joints, suspension parts, brake parts and accessories, for all vehicles from cars to prime movers and agricultural equipment.

At Iannelli's, we believe in supplying the highest quality products and parts possible at a value for money price. To this end, we have sourced products both Australia wide and from major Australian importers.

We are area distributors for Delkor Batteries, recognised for their durability and reliability. We distribute Fuchs Oils and Lubricants, and we are selected by Morey's Oils and Lubricants as one of their select few Australian distributors.

Iannelli's full stock range is too extensive to list on this website, but can be viewed in store and include an extremely comprehensive range of:

  • brake parts from IBS, PBR, RDA and Bendix.
  • WIX and Sakura Oil and Air Filters.
  • 4WD parts, with a focus on Nissan and Toyota vehicles.
  • known brands, including Fuch's Oils, Sparex Tractor Parts and Polo Citrus cleaning products

Morey's Oils and Lubricants

At Iannelli's, we are proud to distribute the full range of Morey products. Morey's Oils and Lubricants have become world famous for improving performance and prolonging engine life, and so we have no hesitation in recommending them.

With the long distances travelled by vehicles in regional areas and the heavy load placed on the engines of agricultural machinery, Morey's Heavy Duty Oil Supplement has been highly praised by many of our customers.

Other products from our high quality Morey range include:

  • Heavy Duty Greases
  • Food Machinery Greases and Oils
  • Upper Cylinder Lubricant
  • Diesel Fuel Conditioner
  • Spill-sorb

To learn more about how Morey's great range of products can benefit your business, your vehicles and your equipment, please call or drop in any time to chat with Joe or Maria.

Iannelli's distribute Fuchs and Sinpoec engine and hydraulic oils, both of which are are OEM approved.

Delkor Batteries

We stock Delkor Calcium Plate Batteries for both marine and deep cycle applications, renowned for their durability, especially in withstanding shock and vibration. This makes them perfect for application in all vehicles, from cars to trucks and from tractors to marine.

All Delkor products are maintenance-free (MF) batteries. They contain an apparatus for gas / liquid segregation which maximises electrolyte collection, and a calcium alloy which eliminates the need to replenish distilled water for the entire life of the product. In addition, the Calcium MF Battery maximises / minimises self-discharge for extended life, making the product convenient for the user and economically practical.

All Delkor products have a long shelf life and come with a full 2 year warranty!

Contact us today to find out which Delkor Battery best suits your needs, or to take advantage of our Free Battery Testing.

Variety of parts for all vehicle types and makes

At Iannelli's, we stock a full range of spare parts for Trucks, Tractors, Cars and 4WDs, both old and new!

We specialise in clutch and brake parts, engine, gearbox and differential kits, brake drums and rotors, brake pads and shoes.

Servicing the local area for many years, we believe in in our extensive knowledge of a wide variety of vehicles, power plants and machinery.

We understand that your equipment not operating while waiting on parts means financial loss to your business, so we pride ourselves in stocking a large range of parts ready to go. If we don't have your required item on hand, we will get it to you in the shortest time possible.

We are also suppliers for Polo Citrus Cleaning Products, which are all biodegradable and safe to use around the home, kitchen and workshop.

Contacting Iannelli's Truck and Tractor Parts


Joe and Maria Iannelli

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16 Wamoon Ave, Leeton, NSW 2705.
Postal Address:
PO Box 211, Leeton, NSW 2705.
Phone: 02 6953 2403
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At Iannelli's, we welcome both Retail and Trade enquiries on 02 6953 2403.